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January 31 2015


Before risking his ride to review the TiGr titanium bike lock, Transportation Alternatives' Les Brown wanted to know — is the TiGr tough enough to stand up to the leverage and cutting attacks most commonly used to separate New York City bikes from their owners? Could he rob his own ride using the basic tools of the trade?

TiGr Locks agreed to provide a sacrificial lock, bolt cutters and a pipe; Les supplied the biceps and a bike. Find out who won in this four-round street brawl, captured on tape, then read on for a full review, discount offer and sneak peek at the TiGr Mini U-Lock prototype. 

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Winter bicycle in the snow.

This Week's Best Bike Events

Critical Mass, Kidical Mass and More
January 30, 2015

This week, brave wintry weather with group rides, or stay inside to plot & scheme for better biking come spring time w/ T.A. Manhattan & Kidical Mass.

Randonneuring beginners guide

Randonneuring 101

A Beginner’s Guide to Truly Epic Bike Rides
January 15, 2015

Randonneuring describes a style of long distance, self-supported cycling that's existed nearly as long as the bike itself, with ride distances up to 1200km.

Winter bike NYC. Image via Dan Nguyen/Flickr.

This Week's Best Bike Events

Riding InTandem, Transit Trivia and More
January 15, 2015

It's cold out, but your bike misses you. This week, rally for rides with Social Cycling and InTandem, join a T.A. activist meeting or take a DIY repair class.

Cycle health and wellness with Oscar Insurance.

Ask Oscar

Bicyclist Doctor Answers Your Aching Questions
January 12, 2015

Health issues keeping you off your bike? Oscar Insurance's Consulting Medical Director, Dr. Richard Bernstein, answers your aching questions.


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