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Hurricane Sandy Relief Bike Ride

Hurricane Sandy Relief Bike Ride

Friday, November 2, 2012 - 2:45pm

Info on what to bring/where to go is listed here:

Hey bike people,

So I hope that this email finds you well after this hurricane. After reading stories about people waiting 3 hours in line for food and water, and gas stations running out of fuel, I was thinking this is a great time to get on our bicycles and transport supplies.

Here's the plan:
- Buy $20 of dry goods and/or water (Individually wrapped items that don't need heating)
- Meet up at the Williamsburg bridge on the Brooklyn side @ 3pm and/or 6pm
- Ride over and distribute items to anyone who needs them.

Depending on who can make it, we can modify the plan. If you need supplies, we can meet up and bike to you. I was thinking we could almost make an endless supply chain of people filling up water in Brooklyn, riding over, distributing it to people in need, and riding back.

Let me know if you can make it, or if this is a good idea at all. Thanks, and be safe.

Update #1

Here are the list of drop off locations:


Astoria (items dropped in Astoria will be delivered to the Rockaways)
Location 1:
23-74 38th Street (closed for the night, MIGHT reopen tomorrow, please check back here for updates)
Contact Leni: (347) 762-1648

Location 2:
33-33 87th St btw Northern Blvd and 34th Ave (closes 9pm)
Contact Neha: (917) 392-9708

Chinatown (open Nov 1, 10am-5pm)
46 Hester St Frnt A
(212) 473-6485

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Closest Intersection and/or Landmark: 

Continental army plaza, williamsburg

Event Location: 

Continental army plaza, brooklyn side of williamsburg bridge.



Event Type: 


Host Phone: 

(212) 629-8080

Host Group or Organization: 

Erich Von hasseln