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December 18 2014

Winter bike rides in NYC.

Winter solstice is just three days away. Learn to stay safe and seen on your ride, and how to dress for cold weather cycling, then join a group ride to the legendary Dyker Heights Christmas lights, or brave the elements with the women of Rapha Cycle Club on a 65 mile adventure across the Hudson.

Read on for all this week's best bike events — holiday bike fun beckons!


Reflective bike clothing and lights help keep cyclists safe and seen.

On Winter Nights, Be the Light

Vespertine's Guide to Illuminating Your Ride
December 16, 2014

Winter solstice is coming, but that doesn't mean you have to ride in the dark. Vespertine's Sarah Canner gives tips on how to stay safe and "be the light."

Dress for winter bike commutes in the snow.

Snow Problem

Cold Weather Wardrobe Tips for Winter Bike Commuters
December 10, 2014

Wardrobe tips from winter bike commuting vets to keep you riding in stride through all but the most punishing of polar vortexes.

Ezra Caldwell of Fast Boy Cycles.

Have You Seen This Cycle?

Owner Pleas for the Return of a Beloved "Fast Boy" Bike
December 5, 2014

A really special bike was stolen last week, one with a complicated history involving a circle of barter and extravagant wish fulfillment.

Speeding enforcement in New York City (photo by Andrew Hinderaker).

Reigning in Reckless Driving

An Open Letter to NYC's Top Traffic Cop
November 25, 2014

In this open letter to NYPD's Chief Thomas Chan, Les Brown looks at Vision Zero milestones to date and lays out a road map for effective traffic enforcement.


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