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January 23 2015


Snow's in the forecast for this weekend. Stay inside and overhaul your ride or get inspired to brave the elements with these five little-known benefits of winter bike commuting.

Hanging up your wheels for the season, but still down for the cause? Join Transportation Alternatives' Brooklyn Activist Committee this Thursday to help fight the good fight for better streets in the borough of Kings and meet other inspired and engaged New Yorkers. 

Read on for all this coming week's best bike events. 

[Image via Colville-Andersen/Flickr.]

Randonneuring beginners guide

Randonneuring 101

A Beginner’s Guide to Truly Epic Bike Rides
January 15, 2015

Randonneuring describes a style of long distance, self-supported cycling that's existed nearly as long as the bike itself, with ride distances up to 1200km.

Winter bike NYC. Image via Dan Nguyen/Flickr.

This Week's Best Bike Events

Riding InTandem, Transit Trivia and More
January 15, 2015

It's cold out, but your bike misses you. This week, rally for rides with Social Cycling and InTandem, join a T.A. activist meeting or take a DIY repair class.

Cycle health and wellness with Oscar Insurance.

Ask Oscar

Bicyclist Doctor Answers Your Aching Questions
January 12, 2015

Health issues keeping you off your bike? Oscar Insurance's Consulting Medical Director, Dr. Richard Bernstein, answers your aching questions.

Winter bike ride NYC. Image by Adrian Cabrero (Flickr).

This Week's Best Bike Events

Moonlight Miles, Activist Meetups and More
January 9, 2015

Start the new year right, with winter rides from Time's Up! and Redbeard Bikes. Or hone your DIY mechanic chops with classes from Bicycle Roots.


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