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February 26 2015


With a solid week of double-digit temps in the forecast — thank you merciful Boreas! — it looks like winter's finally relaxing its frigid grip on the five boroughs. And next Sunday, our clocks are set to spring forward an hour. So dust off, or de-snow, your bike and get the jump on spring with these five featured group rides.

Still not sold on riding in the cold? Stay indoors and get fired up with T.A.'s Manhattan Activist Committee. 

Read on for all this week's best events.

[Image via Bikeyface.]

Redbeard Bikes Kasia Nikhamina on leading women's ride in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Leading Lady

"Gear-Whisperer" Leads a Women's Ride Series
February 19, 2015

Last summer, Redbeard Bikes' Kasia Nikhamina led a ladies' rides series in Prospect Park. Here, she reflects on highlights and hopes for the coming season.

Bike love.

Velo Love

Four Letters to Beloved Bikes
February 17, 2015

Henry Miller once said that if he'd had a big enough bed, he would've slept with his bike. These love notes pay tribute to that bond between bike & rider.

Goat on a bike.

This Week's Best Bike Events

Year of the Goat Edition
February 16, 2015

Lunar New Year is here. This week, learn to fix your own bike, with five different DIY repair classes on offer. Or join T.A. BK to rally for Complete Streets.

Heart rides a bike. Adapted image from Hero Design Studio.

This Week's Best Bike Events

Valentine's Ride, Bike Tour Workshop and More
February 13, 2015

This week: get sweet on Complete Streets, take a Central Park ride InTandem or join Social Cycling NYC for a tour of the city's best chocolate spots.


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