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Attorney Files Class Action Suit Against DMV on Behalf of Bicyclists

Operation Safe Cycle ticket blitz. Image via Streetsblog.

Cops nabbed hundreds, if not thousands, of New York City cyclists during Operation Safe Cycle, the NYPD’s recent citywide crackdown on traffic law-breaking bicyclists. Now, many who have received citations have found themselves stuck with motorist surcharges, points against their driver’s licenses and worse.

Who's at fault? Bike Lawyer Steve Vaccaro says the Department of Motor Vehicles is to blame and steadfastly refusing meaningful reform.

Wheel Talk
Tour de Everywhere. (Image from Darby Roach's How to Ride a Bicycle 'Round the World.)

Tour de Everywhere

Six Weekend Bike Rides in NYC and Beyond
September 18, 2014

This weekend's jam-packed with bike rides that will take you and your wheels all over our mighty metropolis and beyond.

Josie and the Fourth Grade Bike Brigade

A Fourth Grade Bike Brigade

Park Slope Children's Author Talks Bikes, Kids and Climate Change
September 16, 2014

BikeNYC spoke with Handman on her paean to the next generation of NYC bicyclists & the inspirations behind the first ever children’s “cli-fi” (climate fiction).

Manhattan Hazardous Arterials.

Broken Boulevards

Taking Manhattan's Arterial Streets to the Mat
September 11, 2014

T.A. activists realized that building Complete Streets on Manhattan's arterials could boost business, prevent crashes & save lives, but it's no small task.

Transportation Alternatives' 25th Annual NYC Century Bike Tour.

25th Annual NYC Century Bike Tour

A Pedal-Powered Photo Recap
September 9, 2014

A roundup of crowdsourced pics from Transportation Alternatives' 25th Annual NYC Century Bike Tour.


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