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March 27 2015


With a full calendar of female-focused rides, and the ongoing #WomenBikeNYC takeover series, women bicyclists are out of the gates strong this week!

Read on for all this week's best bike rides, parties and more. (Check with event organizers for updates in case of inclement weather.) 

Bicycle Diaries: Q and A with Climate Activist and Researcher David Kroodsma.

Behind "The Bicycle Diaries"

Q & A on the Author's Worldwide Ride for Climate Awareness
March 26, 2015

BikeNYC spoke with "The Bicycle Diaries" author to hear tales from his worldwide rides, learn about the local impacts of climate change and more.

WE Bike NYC founder Liz Jose. Image by Steven Laxton.

Profiles in Pedaling

Rolling Beyond Barriers with Women's Cycling Group WE Bike NYC
March 25, 2015

In this edition of #WomenBikeNYC, T.A. spotlights WE Bike NYC: a women's cycling group that embraces the bike as a tool of empowerment — and fun!

Winter sucks.

This Week's Best Bike Events

Anti-Winter Edition
March 20, 2015

This week, visit a seal colony, learn the techniques of track racing or explore the lost synagogues of Eastern Queens — all from the seat of your bike.

Kasia Nikhamina Redbeard Bikes Brooklyn

Profiles in Pedaling

Talking Bike Shop with Redbeard's Kasia Nikhamina
March 18, 2015

Redbeard Bikes' Kasia Nikhamina waxes on surviving a crash, her cycling conversion and the path to closing the bike lane gender gap.


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