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RideScout CEO Joseph Kopser on the Future of ‘Open Transit’

Image from ITDPHow many forms of transportation do you use in a given day, week or month?

Most of us stick to the same route, regardless of whether it’s the smartest, greenest, most healthful or even quickest way to travel. This is because choice for the average urban traveler hasn’t been made a priority — we’ve been spinning our wheels and only now starting to realize the wealth of options that we could have in our cities.

But what’s starting to emerge is a new transportation ecosystem that encourages sharing — of bikes, cars, even taxis — and discourages waste, says RideScout CEO Joseph Kopser.

Wheel Talk
Brompton folding bike logo.

Five Best Folding Bikes

Compact Cycles for Every Budget
by MakeSpace | Sch..., October 8, 2014

Folding bikes can be a great solution for space-starved apartment dwellers, transit commuters and travelers. Here are five of the best, for all budgets.

Nyne Cruiser Bluetooth bike speaker review.

Nyne Cruiser Bluetooth Speaker

Road-Tested Review
September 24, 2014

Love biking, but wish you could add a soundtrack without risking a ticket (or worse)? Then Nyne’s Cruiser, a portable Bluetooth speaker, might be your jam.

Transportation Alternatives activists campaign to reform the Bronx's hazardous arterial streets.

Broken Boulevards

Bronx Activists Take it to the Streets
September 24, 2014

In this edition of Broken Boulevards, T.A. highlights the work of Bronx activists working to fix the arterial streets of the city's northernmost borough.

Transportation Alternatives activist working on Queens Boulevard (hazardous arterial).

Broken Boulevards

Breathing Life Into Queens' Arterial Streets
September 23, 2014

T.A. highlights the work of Queens activists who are working to fix Queens Boulevard — the borough's notoriously dangerous main thoroughfare.


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